Land Rights

CLEAR is tackling development in Africa through the themes of Land, Economic Empowerment and rights of Women, regarding them as some of the most important objectives for the Region’s development.

Reduce Poverty Levels

The overarching objective of CLEAR’s programme is to ensure that the voices of poor segement of the population in the country are heard in land reform processes and in poverty reduction strategies.

Influence of Laws and Policies

Influence the formulation and implementation of laws and policies relevant to the disenfranchised segement of the rights in land.


A human experience organisation...karibuni!

The Centre for Land, Economy and Rights of Women - CLEAR is registered as a Charitable Trust committed to setting up a centre of excellence, addressing social and economic justice, working with landless people, marginalised farmers, especially women. CLEAR is in solidarity with similar national and regional initiatives working towards improving women's livelihoods through secures and equitable access and utilisation of land based resources, specifically through the elimination of discriminatory laws and policies and enforcement of legislation providing for women's equal treatment in land; the transformation of land use to achieve food security at household level with a focus on women as the main producers in this sector; women having better livelihood options through their access to land and other inputs; and sustainable development achieved through gender equality and equity in the distribution of land and other natural resources and enjoyment of their benefits. 


Transforming Gender Relations in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa October 2013 by Cathy Farnworth, Melinda Fones Sundell, Akinyi Nzioki, Violet Shivutse and Marion Davis:

This book is based on the premise that empowered women and men are more successful farmers, able to make the most of opportunities around them. It argues that there is a causal relation between more equal gender relations in the household and in the community, and better agricultural outcomes. Standard development interventions such as more extensive services, better information, more fertilizer, better machinery - will not fully achieve their goals unless women and men are on equal footing and unhindered by gender norms that limit what is 'appropriate' for them to do or be.

Tune in for the Household Approach to Land

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  • CLEAR's long-term vision is a society where men and women have equal rights of access, control and ownership to land, property, other land-based natural resources and their benefits. CLEAR's mission is to influence the formulation and implementation of gender sensitive policies, laws and structures on land.CLEAR's purpose therefore is to establish 'Secure and Equitable Land Rights for Women'.

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